How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?

My husband and I were talking about how strange it was that the cardiologist wasn’t more concerned about Luna’s AV canal. I mean, she has a large hole between the two lower chambers of her heart and then another large hole between the two upper chambers. Isn’t that something that should be devastating? Shouldn’t we be worried? How is her heart even working?!

The cardiologist said that we shouldn’t be worried because they see these things all the time. They FIX these things all the time. It is a simple surgery and any cardiologist worth anything could fix it.

Really? This devastatingly huge heart problem is not a big deal because there is an easy fix?

Then my husband said something that really changed my attitude.

He said Luna’s heart is broken like all of our hearts were once broken. And the fix is simple.

The devastation of sin is real, just like the giant holes in Luna’s heart. Without help, Luna’s heart will stop working. Eventually, the blood in her heart will stop going to all the right places and her body will not get the oxygen it needs. Without help, sin will destroy lives.

And we Christians see this all the time. We are not worried because the solution is simple. We see our God change lives all the time. It’s a simple surgery. Better than those cardiologists building Luna new chambers, God can build you a new heart.

If Luna makes it to surgery, no…if she makes it to delivery it would be one INCREDIBLE miracle. And every time I find myself getting worried if Luna is even going to make it to the point where she can have the surgery, I think of the fact that everyone walking around with a broken heart is putting off their surgery. Did anyone ever tell them how simple this procedure is?

Did no one tell them that our incredible God saw that we were unable to live lives free of sin on our own and made it so that instead we could just place our faith in a savior who could? A savior who did live a life free of sin, died a painful death on the cross for us and then rose from the dead in an incredible show of power, deity and grace?

Christ’s death on the cross paid for our sins so that our broken hearts could be mended. My heart is whole and it is only because of this that I can even function under the weight of this Turner Syndrome diagnosis.

You think my faith is strong? My God is greater. You think my burden is heavy? My God makes it light. How can I not be comforted by a God who lost his own child to save a worthless broken hearted sinner like me?

And how cool is it that I am comforted in this possible loss of my daughter by a God who knows exactly what it’s like to watch his son suffer and die? Incredible. My God is beyond incredible. And he is in charge of this little life in my belly.


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