This was the story I wanted to do last week with the Fourth of July, but it worked out better to do Blueberries for Sal instead. Fireboat by Maira Kalman is about the real life fireboat called the John J. Harvey from New York City. Built in the 1930’s and retired in the 90’s, the Harvey came out of retirement on 9/11 to help fight fires and save lives.

On Monday, we practiced with our letter F. We wrote them on the board and Maggie did a prewriting worksheet. Then we listed as many words as we could think of that started with F. (The word “fart” got a lot of giggles.) We finished the letter F activities with a F scavenger hunt.


She still needs some help.

Then we went back to our basement school room and talked about timelines. We constructed one on the board starting in 1930 and ending in 2020. We found 2014 and practiced how to say what year it is. This was difficult because big numbers like 90’s and 80’s are numbers we hadn’t really covered before.


Then I took suggestions from Maggie and Bo for dates to put on our timeline. Our birth years. When mommy and daddy got married. Even put grandparents’ birthdays and great grandmother Oa’s birthday on the timeline. Bo thought it was weird how everything was clustered in one area of the timeline.

Then we opened the book and found the major dates in the history of the Harvey and added those to our timeline too.

We made smaller timelines on paper for each of them starting with the year they were born and ending with 2014. Bo noticed that he had more events on his than Maggie did. Again, the years were hard because the numbers were big.


On Tuesday, we learned all about David and Goliath. In the book, the Harvey is retired and considered pretty useless, but ended up being needed on 9/11. So I had them tell me how the two stories were similar. Bo had a memorized answer to what the story of David and Goliath teaches us: “Nothing is impossible with God.” So we ran with it. I think Maggie was having a harder time with it, but eventually she said she wanted to be brave like David.

They drew pictures of David and Goliath and I had them repeat the story back to me using their pictures.


Bob's handiwork

Maggie noticed the size difference between David and Goliath, so we reviewed the big/small lesson from last week and sorted buttons according to size.


Also mentioned in the book was the word “hot-cha” which led too discussion on nonsense words, so we spent probably too much time coming up with words for things. Bo was very good at this. A great big storm is called a “wundow” and Baby Joe’s squirming can be described as “woogely-boogely.” Maggie took some prompting but when I asked her to come up with a word for how smart daddy is she said “sum art.” When I said that smart is already a word, sh said “No! Suuuuumart.”

Also, Bo noticed that there were a lot of lists in the book, sho we practiced making lists of things. We talked about grocery lists and wish lists and Christmas lists. Then we listed things we love. That was a full day and one where I let them take lead and explore.

On Wednesday, I let daddy teach them all about boats. I thought at first that he was teaching over their heads, but Bo was really into it and even Maggie has repeated things she learned that day.  We acted out rowing and steering and driving a boat. Maggie loved that.



He took them on a historical tour of the design of boats starting with canoes and moving on through lots of different boats. They learned terms like johnboat, runabout and center console. We also differentiated between displacement boats and planing boats.

Then we used a picture boat to identify some of the boats in Fireboat. Ocean liners. Tugboats. Things like that.


We took a field trip out to the garage and got in daddy’s runabout and learned boat vocab like bow and stern and all that. The kids really liked being in the boat and really seemed to be into learning the vocabulary.


On Thursday, we learned all about NYC. We looked at lots of photos of things like the Twin Towers, Times Square, the Empire State Building, Central Park and the George Washington Bridge. I will admit that I partially cheated by letting them watch “Enchanted” – a movie they love so they could identify the landmarks we went over.

We talked about the foods too (big deli sandwiches, big floppy pizzas, hot dogs and bagels) but Bo insisted that we have those foods too so it can’t be special about NYC.

Friday morning, we continued with NYC and talked about 9/11. They built skyscrapers with Legos. We looked at photos of 9/11 and talked about what would happen to a building if a plane ran into it. We prayed for people who died and who had family die that day. We talked about being trapped and that led into a discussion about heroes.


We moved pretty seamlessly into talking about public servants like doctors, fire fighters and police officers. We borrowed some dress up uniforms from a friend and they each dressed up as something. Then we talked about what they would do in case of a tragedy like 9/11. They loved this. We prayed again and thanked God for them.


Officer Korn



I had every intention of having them do some exploration of who their heroes were and stuff like that, but having had a rough week personally I felt like they had done enough.

This week we are taking the week off so we can reinforce their Vacation Bible School lessons instead. After that, we will be studying The Story About Ping.


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